Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Year Of Jewelry Project

I began participating in the YOJP just this past January. We've agreed to make and post pics of a new piece of jewelry every week for a year. So far I've been keeping up and have produced some good, some not so good, pieces.

This is my year to expand my jewelry making skills by learning different kinds of wire work and I'm enjoying the learning experience even though it's frustrating at times. Wire work is very different from the off loom beading I've been doing up until now, but it does have the advantage of saving money by making a lot of your own findings.

So far my favorite wire work is wrapping. Dale "Cougar" Armstrong has written a book, Wirework An Illustrated Guide To The Art Of Wire Wrapping. The jewelry in this book just takes my breath away and I think that wrapping will eventually become my forte.

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